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The Best Type of Prescription

A man in plaid shirt serving food to someone.

The Foundation is proud to partner with the John P. Murray Community Care Clinic to offer one of the best kinds of prescriptions – a prescription for fresh fruits, vegetables and meats. An idea, inspired by a similar program in Rowan County, gets fresh, healthy food into the kitchens of clinic patients. The Community Care Clinic cares for many patients dealing with chronic diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure. These diseases can be managed by medicine, but can also be positively impacted by a healthy diet. Patients are given vouchers for $5 each to use for fruits, vegetables, and meats from our local farmers’ markets. In addition to spending their vouchers, patients developed relationships with farmers that led to great recipes and preparation tips. The Foundation is excited to offer this type of prescription and to see the positive impact on clinic patients as well as on our community farmers. Many thanks to our generous community and employee donors who make these grants possible!