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Board of Directors

The Foundation is governed by a local volunteer board of directors that represent a variety of professions. The Board of Directors oversee the fundraising programs, carefully manage the investment of the endowment funds, and allocate funds to specific areas of need.

  • Chris Vaughn
  • John Lowder
    Vice Chairman
  • Jane Lisk
  • Brian Freeman
Board Members
  • Bob Beane
  • Sue Bohnsack
  • Paul Childress
  • Frank Green, MD
  • Martha Lowder
  • Rob McIntyre
  • Catherine Moeller
  • Dee Pankey
  • Lynn Poplin
  • Rich Schaefer
  • Brinn Smith
  • Ross Stokes
  • Ed Williams, DO
  • Jane Boone, ex officio

Foundation Leadership

A graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, Jane has been on staff at the Foundation for twenty years. She and her husband, Brad, have three sons and enjoy lots of outdoor activities including hiking and kayaking. Jane also loves to read and eat candy – preferably at the same time.

Rebekah Ayscue
Annual Giving

A graduate of Davidson College, Rebekah returned to Albemarle in February 2015 to join the Foundation staff. She primarily spends her free time on First Street at the YMCA, the Yoga Pilates Barre, or First Presbyterian Church. She also loves to adventure outside, watching college basketball, and sending handwritten letters to friends across the country. Rebekah is lifelong fan of slushies and salty snacks.

Liz Jolly

A graduate of UNC Charlotte, Liz, and her husband, Ben, live in Albemarle with their two children. She joined the Foundation staff in 2013. She is happiest when spending time with her family and also enjoys reading (preferably while sitting by the ocean), going to football games, and the occasional Netflix binge.

Why I Give.

I have been a teammate at the hospital for 21 years - and a donor to the Foundation for 21 years. To me, the Stanly Health Foundation is a trusted non-profit with a long tradition of providing a safety net for patients in our community.

I see the life-changing impact that Foundation funds have on low income patients in my work daily. Funds give patients access to test strips to control their diabetes, which they cannot afford on their own. Last month, Foundation funds paid for 20 mammograms - 19 of which were normal and one which detected breast cancer in time to save a woman's life. The Stanly Health Foundation provides immeasurable support to my patients and so many others.

Chris Vaughn
John P Murray Community Care Clinic